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Fall Reflections


 Last week I attended the memorial service of a person who was a true leader in business and in our community.  His was a life well lived and I find these type of events cause me be reflective on my own life.  Thinking back on this past year, I can’t help but look at all the changes that have occurred in the economy, in business, in government… the world around us is different.  Well, how am I different?


Like most people, we’ve had to adjust to the economy.  I’ve modified my personal budget, not just monetarily, but I’ve tried to focus on how I budgeted my time. I try make more time for my daughter, my family, and other people who have made a difference in my life.  The funny thing, is I find that to be a reoccurring theme we people I talk with.  For some it’s been about experiences.  Taking that trip of a lifetime. Maybe they aren’t staying in the 5-star hotel that they would have a few years ago, but they are finding camping on the beach to be just as rewarding.  What most of us really want is to live the lifestyle that reflects the person we are at our core.


At Landed Gentry getting down to our core is something we have focused on too.  Over the years we have always tried to focus on is lifestyle, and understanding that a home should facilitate the way you want to live your life.  We’ve gone to the drawing board and reevaluated most of our communities.  Do the homes we offer and the features we include truly reflect what our today’s homeowners are looking for?  In many cases it was yes, we are doing things right. In other situations, we fine tuned things to better reflect what today’s buyers tell us they are looking for.  We’ve added some new products, (custom homes, all ages neighborhoods, special projects), adjusted included features, added a few new home plans and modified pricing. 


It’s a work in progress, just like each of us.  So follow us on our blog, online and in the real world too.  Feel free to stop by one of our neighborhoods, the office, or just drop us an email to see what’s new.  Things are different, but with some reflection and thought, different can lead to the “new and improved”.  New and improved can lead to life well lived.


brian-headshot-compressed-20082Brian Gentry is a third generation builder.  Currently, he serves as the President of Landed Gentry Homes & Communities, a regional land developer, home builder and real estate consultant in Washington State.

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