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The team that makes a difference

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Barb Adams presenting the $25,000 donation to Friendship House in Mount Vernon.

I’m really proud of our team at Landed Gentry and the way our staff contributes to the community.  It’s not often that the things our team does becomes front page news.  Barb Adams, our transaction coordinator/warranty administrator/ general right-arm for Brian won prize through Wells Fargo that allowed her to designate a $25,000 gift toward the Friendship House, a homeless and transitional housing shelter in Mount Vernon.

Well, this act did become front page news.  Great press on how the people at Landed Gentry are making a difference in the lives of people our region.  Way to go Barb!

Read the article from the Skagit Valley Herald here:

It’s starting to look like spring!

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

What a gorgeous sunny day we had today!  I snapped a few pictures when I was walking around our Montreaux neighborhood this morning that I thought you all would enjoy.   Have a wonderful week!


Montreaux Deer

Two young deer passed through Montreaux this morning. They must like the sunshine too!

Mount Baker was so bright and crisp this morning...I had to take a picture

The trees are getting ready to bloom...I can't wait!!!