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“Sometimes the right thing and the hard thing are the same thing. I read that on a tea bag.” – Liz Lemon

Life is full of hard decisions.  We all face hard challenges at some point, honestly those hard choices are probably more regularly then we would like.  Tom Peters put it this way “If you’re not scared you’re not growing”.  That said I know a lot of us are growing, maybe more often then we would care for.

It seems as though life’s choices really don’t get any easier.  Sure sometimes, certain decisions are clearer than others, but in today’s environment, uncertainty seems to prevail.  Yet there are people who are making decisions now.  What is the difference? What has allowed them the clarity they need to move ahead?

So what is the right decision for you? Maybe it’s time to weigh out the pros and cons and decide what you really want. What do you need to be doing to make your life better?  Hard questions, but needed questions.  I know Kendra, myself and others at Landed Gentry have been seeing this from some our customers theses past few weeks.  There is a bit of anxiety, but they are making the changes they need to, to make their life better for themselves and their family.  Living in indecision can in and of it’s self be a decision, but I’m finding that ultimately we all really know what we want.  Now we just need to have the courage to make it happen, one decision at a time.  Because most of often, the right choice and hard choice are in fact the same thing.

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