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This morning I went to the Skagit Land Trust (SLT) – Conservation Breakfast.  They are a great organization that buys or is donated conservation easements or properties and is an organization that Landed Gentry has contributed toward for many years.  Currently, they protect 5,968 acres of land in Skagit County, including 26 miles of shoreline.  SLT holds some amazing places in the area, from mountain tops in the islands of Puget Sound to highland pastures in North Cascades.   Because they hold these properties as conservation lands in perpetuity, and as one board member noted “forever is a long time”, the word “stewardship” came up several times during this morning’s program. 

What is stewardship all about?  The SLT Stewardship Director (yes they have directors of such things), Michael Kirshenbaum, described it as “taking care of the special places”.  What a simple, yet profound statement.  The special places…  Are those spectacular places only found in nature?  What other special places are there in our lives that need to be stewarded? 

The first special place I think of is the home, not the building, but the place.  Who is there, what happens there, what does it need from me? Our companies, our team, our customers, the organizations we are a part of all need some degree of stewardship.

What special places do you need to take care of?

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