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Snow Day – Home Day

There is something about a snow day that just reinforces what a special place your home can be.  Today has been one of those days for me.


Winter snow in the coastal Northwest is somewhat of an intermittent occurrence.  It isn’t unusual that it happens, but rare.  In many northern U.S. locals they carry on as winter’s worst comes their way, when it snows here the world comes to screeching halt.

That forced slow down isn’t so bad.  These days get spent with our chosen distraction.  For some of us this was a day baking, cooking, playing in the snow with friends and loved ones, or maybe just sitting by the fire reading a book or playing a game.  So much of that just happens right at home. 

I find it interesting how weather has a way of reminding me of what special home is, how blessed we are to have a place we get to call home.  A reminder that we can occasionally take a break from the hustle and bustle that tends to invade so many of our lives. 

An occasional snow day is a good day to make a home day. 

Brian Gentry – Landed Gentry Homes & Communities

2 Responses to “Snow Day – Home Day”

  1. Cory Ertel says:

    Nice post Brian, I couldn’t agree more!

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks Cory! I appreciate the encouragement.